THETA Razor-C1 NFC HV Standard Brushless Servo


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The Razor C1 Theta Servo is a full size brushless servo that is capable of handling high voltage of up to 8.4V. The high torque brushless servo delivers incredible power and can be used for RC helicopters, airplanes, cars, and trucks. Featuring NFC technology, the Razor series of servos can tune and optimize performance through an Android device. Settings such as servo centering (servo offset), refresh rate, acceleration, and PID control loop are all available for tuning. 


High voltage compatibility

Brushless motor

Metal gears

Precision centering 

NFC Wireless tuning via Android devices

25T Output shaft 

All black cables

Neutral position: 760uS | 1520uS - Selectable

Sanwa SSR Compatible


Operating Voltage: 5V - 8.4V



6V: 374 oz/in (27kg-cm)

7.4V:  471oz/in (34kg-cm)

8.4V: 499 oz/in (36kg-cm)


6V: 513 oz/in (37kg-cm)

7.4V:  610 oz/in (44kg-cm)

8.4V: 666 oz/in (48kg-cm)



6V: 0.084 sec/60

7.4V:  0.071 sec/60

8.4V:  0.06 sec/60


6V: 0.079 sec/60

7.4V: 0.067 sec/60

8.4V:  0.056 sec/60

Weight: 73g (2.57 Oz)

Motor Type: Brushless

Spline: 25T