​High Voltage Slim Wing (Metal Gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g


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High Voltage Slim Wing (Metal Gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g

Great for your favorite 1.5+ meter sailplanes with their ultra thin wings. 



• Double ball bearing (Si-oil)

• 3 pole bushed motor rated for high voltage up to 2S Lipoly

• Full alloy case for best heat dissipation

• Digital signal design with 100% fitting square PWS

• Automatic measures central MS

• Digital IC (SOP package with 12bits transfer data)

• MOS-FET driver (spirited driver able to push over 7A power) 



Weight: 28.4g 

Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 34.5mm 

Torque at 6V:7.0kg/cm,  7.4V: 8.6kg/cm 

Speed at 6V: 0.15 sec, 7.4V: 0.12 sec / 60° at no load

Operating Voltage: 6.0~ 7.4V

Spline: 25