Since 2003 there has been a name for dual security in minimum space: PowerBox Sensor!


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PowerBox Sensor


double-regulated output voltages for receivers and servos

5.9V output voltage

Separate voltage display for each battery

Minimum value memory alerts the user to voltage collapses

Support for three battery types: LiPo, NiMH / NiCd, LiFePo

Suppression of any servo feedback currents which may occur


Technical Data

Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V

Power supply 2S LiPo, 2S LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH

Current drain Power-on state 30mA

Current drain Standby 5µA

Maximum load current Peak 2x4A

Drop-out voltage 0.3V

Output voltage 5.9V regulated

Dimensions 65 x 23 x 26 mm

Weight 35g

Temperature range -30°C to +75°Ca

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