Landing gear fits: Top RC Odyssey 2.2m Top RC Intro Trainer 2.16m JMB Felix Sport Jet 2.2m models


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Tricycle full set with Brakes and controller CNC Machined aluminum articulated and mechanical suspended « scale » electric landing complete gear set including 82.5 and 63mm wheels with brakes system and 3 retracts with a JP Hobby V1 version controller retract box which includes an electrical magnetic brake system. Main gear and single nose gear. For planes up to 20kg. Specifications Materials: Aluminum Suspension: mechanical Wheels: ball bearings mounted For planes up to 20kg Plate with control for threaded rod and ball joints Technical Specifications Struts diameter: 18mm Mounting Struts diameter: 15mm Wheels axle diameter: 8mm (Main) - 6mm (Front) Main gear wheels diameter: 82.5mm (3"1/4) Nose gear wheel diameter: 63mm ;Weight 1358.5g (for the complete set including the 3 struts, 3 retracts, wheels and the controller) Dimensions: for detailed dimensions, please refer to the pictures Working voltage:  7.4-8.4V (2S LiPo)

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