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Battery backer DPSI RV Mini 5 Magic

Product description and features

Dual power supply with servo current distribution and servo signal distribution of five receiver channels to eight servos.

DPSI switch actuators 

For switching on and off the DPSI RV Mini systems five switch actuator variants are available:

  • Pin switch actuator
  • Magnetic switch actuator (housing)
  • Magnetic switch actuator (PCB)
  • Gas cap switch actuator
  • Remote switch actuator (Duplex)*


Servo matching

The DPSI RV Mini Magic 5 is equipped with a servo matching technology allowing the matching of the servos that are connected to the corresponding signal distribution channels. The end positions, middle position and turning direction of the SLAVE servos (OUT 1/2, OUT 3/2, OUT 5/2) connected to the servo distribution channels can be programmed corresponding to the MASTER servos (OUT 1/1, OUT 3/1, OUT 5/1).


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