Thrust jet turbine 12 kg Maintenance every 50 hours Made in Germany


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BF series for model aircraft is characterized by high reliability and high thrust at low weight.

With a maintenance interval of 50 hours a good performance of your turbine is guaranteed. Accurate inspection and maintenance is guaranteed by our very well trained and experienced workshop team.

Our turbines have been used for many years in countless different aircraft models worldwide. And the feedback we receive from model pilots all over the world encourages us in what we do.


Diameter     99,0 mm

Length     296,0 mm

Weight     ca. 1.210 g

Weight periphery     ca. 360 g

Max. thrust @ 125.000 rpm     120 N

Min. thrust @ 39.000 rpm     5 N

Fuel consumption     ca. 420 ml/min @ 120 N

Exhaust temperature     680 – 760 °C

Glow plug     Burner

Fuel     kerosene, petroleum or premium diesel each +5% fully synthetic 2-stroke oil

Acceleration 39.000 – 125.000 rpm     2,8 Sec

Acceleration 65.000 – 125.000 rpm     1,0 Sec

Maintenance interval     Every 50 hours