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iRC-3000mAh 2S Lilon

"iRC-3000mAh 2S Lilon "Compact

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2S LiIon Battery 3000mAh "Compact" Black Edition 15A     


Battery type: Lithium Ion

Configuration: 2S

Nominal voltage: 7.2V

End-of-charge voltage: 8.4V

Capacity: 3,000mAh

Permanent discharge current: 15A

Max. charge current: 4A

Balancer connector: No


Dimensions and weight:

Length: 99mm (3.9in)

Width: 37mm (1.46in

Height: 20mm (0.79in)

Legth battery connection cable: approx. 180mm (7.09in)

Cross section battery connection: cable MPX: 1mm² (AWG18)

Weight: approx. 114g (4.02oz)

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