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Jet Munt Turbin M166TS

Jet Munt Turbine M166TS


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Jet Munt Turbine M166TS

Nominal thrust: 166N (37,4lb) at 124.000 RPM.
Idle thrust: 5,5N.
Idle RPM: 32,000.
Diameter: 102mm (4”).
Engine weight: 1.420g (3,12lb).
Installed weight: 1,535g (3,4lb).
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% – 5% oil.
Fuel consumption: @160N: 460g/min; @100N: 290g/min.
Start mode: Fast start, Dual glow plug Direct Kerosene.
Fast restart, typically <15 seconds.
Easily programmable maximum thrust in Newton or Pound.


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