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Elite Aerosports EA Havoc


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Elite Aerosports EA Havoc



Wingspan: 2.8m / 110 inches

Length: 3.45m / 134 inches

Weight: 50Lbs Dry

Turbine: 200-300N



The Elite Aerosports Havoc comes highly Prefabricated and painted in your choice of any of the 25 available schemes and features the following:

Carbon wing tube

Carbon Horizontal stabilizer tube

Carbon Vertical stabilizer tube

Dual-wall Stainless pipe

Removable ventral fins

6.5L fuel tank

Wing, Stab and Rudder covers


 kit price $6295




Landing gear/brakes $1700


Bespoke High performance pneumatic heavy duty German retract units with XL cylinders, XL heavy duty aluminum struts, 5” wheels and brakes.




Landing gear completion package includes:

(1) Jet Tronics double gear valve

(1) Jet Tronics low loss brake valve

(1) JMP high flow double fill valve and gauge combo. (Gear / Brake)

(2) 700 ml retract air tank

(1) brake air tank

3 colors of 4mm airline

1/8 brake line

Festo fittings

Landing gear completion package $590




Fuel system completion includes:

JMP high flow fuel fittings

Xtra-Large composite vertical UAT

3/16 Tygon Fuel line

Fuel vent system

Fuel system completion package $290.00 



Additional accessories:

Hangar-9 titanium linkages $70.00

Monster Ball Links $40.00 (14)

Smoke Tank $150.00



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